Healing Miracles Are Part Of The Great Treasure Buried by Religions

Watching an invalid rise suddenly from a wheel chair and walk is incredible. The blind made to see again in an instant and broken bones jerking and knitting together in a fraction of a minute all have to be seen to be believed. Such non dual teachers are happening everyday around the world; but only to a few. They are not occurring in churches but in the street and in group gatherings where the people involved are spiritual and linked to the Great Creative Power of the Universe.

The cover-up within religious circles as to why this isn’t part of their administration is nothing immense. In a vision the treasure was shown to me buried deep in the ground. In a message delivered by a spiritual friend who knew nothing of the vision God explained that it was buried by the churches and that they lie and have hidden it from the people.

It also explained that I would unearth the treasure and give it back to the children. This followed a commission to ‘tear down the wall of churches and bring back the young.’ In another vision the wall was shown to me as a monstrous block that is impenetrable and can’t be circumvented. This is the darkness hanging over the world and encasing it in thick black goo.

When one speaks for God there is no need for cover up and lies defy the Spirit. Truth comes from a link that is a force of communication and input. It leads and guides its own and strengthens for those of the Spirit who are seeking healing and wanting to know the truth. That is when the real miracles occur.

The treasure is the power of God and it flows through the children of Israel, who are the young of my commission. The wall is breaking down as the knowledge of how it was built and of what substance it is made flows out.

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