How To Get Business With Your Business Card?

So, you have a getbusinesstoday card? And you have given it to a few of your friends as well? Great! But did you get those cards to give to your acquaintances or to get business? Are they getting business for you?? That is the key question.

Most of us today have a business card, except those few who plans to survive the battle of brands without the most necessary armor. In this 20th century business world, even a mom-n-pop shop needs a business card and a logo to survive–today these are the bare necessities for any business.

Now, having business card is not good enough, the question is how good is your business card? Is it getting the desired business for you? Or in other words, are you able to use your business card to its full potential?

We must realize a business card is not just a piece of paper or a small card stock with your contact information. It is an essential branding tool for your business and has every potential to get you new business, provided you know how to use it.

When you hand over your business card to a client, you expect him to contact you for your product or service, but have you ever thought, why should he contact you and not your competitor, if he has both the cards? This is where a well-planned business card gives you the advantage. Your business card must have something in it that would create an interest in the prospect to contact you.

There are several ways to do this.

a) You can add a tag line to your business card that speaks about your USP.

b) You can offer a discount to people purchasing your products if they present your business card while purchasing.

c) You can have a small survey at the back of your business card and ask the people to fill it up and submit back to you or your shop and they are eligible for some discount or prize based on a draw on those surveys. At the same time, when they come to return you those survey cards, don’t forget to give them a new business card without any survey.

d) You can ask people to visit your website and give them a discount for subscribing to the newsletter. (This serves two purposes, you get a client base to inform about your new products and services at the same time your prospective customers became aware of your web presence)

e) Give your business cards to all your first time customers and promise them a discount on repurchase – this can be highly effective to increase your customer loyalty.

You must also understand that when I say that your business card should get you more business I don’t want your business card to look like a billboard. You must be careful while drafting your business card and ensure that along with your contact information it has got just the minimal information that is required to prompt a prospect to initiate an action that can culminate to a sale. You should also take proper care about the design and the quality of paper that you use. If you can keep in mind, all these factors while designing your business card and then use it effectively, be assured, you have just employed one of the most effective sales agent for your company.

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