Staged Homes – 11 Top Reasons to Stage Your Home for Sale

If you’re selling your home or investment house, take advantage of home staging trends. Here are eleven key points about Phoenix karaoke homes.

1. Staged Homes Sell in Less Time

Surveys on the effects of home staging range from stating that home sell for 30 percent faster to the Christian Science Monitor’s statistic that staged homes sell twice as fast. Last year, during the hot seller’s market, The National Association of Realtors found that staged homes sold in 13.9 days as opposed to 31 for non-staged homes. Imagine what the effect will be during a buyer’s market.

2. Staged Homes Sell for More Money

Homes that sit on the market usually get lower offers because home shoppers think that there’s something wrong with the house and that the desperate home seller is an easy mark for a low offer. Research proves that staged homes sell for more. The NAR statistics indicated that staged homes sold for an average of 6.9 to 10% over listing price.

3. Staged Exteriors Entice Viewing

When homes shoppers first pull up in front of a home for sale, they make up their minds in SECONDS whether to get out of their comfortable vehicle or drive on. A manicured front yard with staging additions like flowers in colorful pots near the front door and a bench to sit makes buyers want to see what’s inside. Entice your buyers to come in, not drive on.

4. Staged Entryways Affect Buyer’s Decision

Once they cross the threshold, home buyers know within 15 seconds whether they like the home or not. You must captivate your buyers right away with a setting staged for your target buyer. Entice your buyers to take a good look, not hurry through.

5. Staged Living Rooms Make Buyers Feel at Home

Beyond the usual deep cleaning and decluttering, staging your living room with suggestions of activities gives buyers ideas like how it will feel to entertain in the space. Spur imagination with props like a cocktail tray set out. Entice your buyers to move in, not move on to the next home.

6. Staged Kitchens Sell Houses

Because the kitchen ranks paramount in home shoppers list of requirements, spend extra time staging the space. Remove all appliances on the counter and dress the space with flowers and bowls of fruit. Buyers pay a premium for kitchens that are ready to move in and not ready to work on.

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