The Isaiah 61 Prophecy About Jesus the Christ

There are many prophecies made in the Old Testament about Jesus the christian mysticism. Some are repeated verbatim in the New Testament. Others are repeated in part, or specific enough mention is made to be able to trace it back to the original prophecy in the Old Testament. There was a space of 400 years between the ending of the books of the Old Testament, and the beginning of the books of the New Testament.

Those who heard him wondered what he was saying. This was a verse that only the Messiah would read. Was Jesus the long-awaited Messiah? For the rest of his ministry, there was controversy as to who Jesus was. Those who were healed by him said he had to be sent from God. Their reasoning was, who else could open blind eyes? Who else could make lame people walk? Who else could enable deaf people to hear? Only a person sent from God had the ability to do that. Others, the Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious leaders of the day, did not accept him. He did not fit in with their preconceived ideas. He did things like heal on the Sabbath day, thus upsetting their religious traditions.

By studying the prophecies about Jesus, a person can gain understanding of who Jesus was and is and what he came to do. There are 350 prophecies concerning Jesus the Christ. These were spoken by prophets who lived in different times of history, and also in geographical locations. By studying the prophecies, one comprehends how impossible it would be for anyone except God to fulfill 350 different prophecies in the life of one individual, Jesus the Christ.

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