ACIM Bookstore – A Miracle Or a Waste of Money

ACIM Bookstore: You know you want to fix your credit yourself but you are torn about whether to invest in credit repair software. Is there enough bang for the buck?

Let’s begin by congratulating you on the choice to spend the time to improve your credit score. Secondly, you are to be congratulated on your decision to do it yourself rather than trust your situation to a so-called credit repair specialist.

To be sure there are some reputable credit repair professionals who are worthy of the money they make repairing the most difficult and complex cases. But the reality is that most people don’t need that level of expertise to accomplish the same ends.

The other side of the coin, however, is that there are firms whose records of abuse were so dismal that the Federal government had to step in. In this latter group were people who promised miracles but simply took people’s monies. So the do-it-yourself approach clearly has merit.

Are there advantages in using software specifically designed for people who want to remove blemishes from their credit reports?

The answer depends on how comfortable the repairer is with writing letters and understanding readily available educational materials. You see, most of the information necessary in order to understand the problems of your credit report and the laws governing the process is available either for free or low cost in bookstores and on the internet.

For the most part, credit repair software provides limited information on why you are to take certain actions. So you given the tools to personalize letters that are prewritten in the software but often without a full understanding of issue the letter may be addressing, for example.

The software in this area ranges from very simple to moderately complex. Still when you look at what is allowable in the process of challenging and fixing errors on the credit report, what the software producers offer is structure, formula, and convenience. What can be done through the credit fixing process does not change whether does or does not use software.

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