Architectural Foam Rosettes Are a Great Choice For Your Building

Hobe Sounds architects foam is an excellent choice for any building exterior. Whether your project is a residential one, or a big commercial project, you’ll find that it’s enhanced by the use of architectural foam rosettes. You’ll be surprised by the difference they can make in the look of your building, and everything they can do. With the right coatings, they’ll look like lots of other materials, including carved wood, granite, marble and many others. They can also be rendered fire resistant, weather and pest resistant, and less susceptible to damage by water and temperature. Architectural foam rosettes are an easy, cost efficient way of improving the appearance of a building project.

Rosettes are the perfect choice for enhancing open faced walls. You’ll be surprised by the number of options. Get in touch with your local supplier of architectural foam, and choose from their wide selection. Alternatively, take the time to make a design of your own, and bring in your own architectural foam rosette design. Your supplier can help you showcase your own signature design right on the wall. Just like every other foam product out there, you can have texturing and coating done before delivery. That means that installation is the only step necessary after you receive your rosettes. Many foam manufacturers will even perform this step for you, as well.

Architectural foam rosettes will give your exterior walls a little something that other buildings don’t have. Ordinary, plain commercial and residential buildings are often boring. Decorative details fix this, but can be tricky to install. Normal, precast rosettes can be quite heavy, and complicated to actually install. That’s where foam can help. It’s much lighter, making a foam rosette easier to install on even the highest building. That makes these rosettes lighter and simpler to ship, if you need to order from a distant supplier, too. Take the time to find out if there’s a manufacturer in your area, though. Sometimes they can offer significant delivery discounts to customers that are located nearby.

Look for a company that has plenty of experience, a high skill level among its workers, and the equipment to provide you with high quality, attractive foam ornaments for your next building project. You won’t be sorry that you took the time to invest in some of these attractive, easy to use, inexpensive architectural features. A foam rosette might seem like something too small to pay attention to, but it’s really an important addition to any building. Take your residential or commercial construction project from plain and boring to outstanding, using this simple element. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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