Beginner’s Guide to Caring For Pet Rats

Contrary to popular belief Seltene Meerschweinchenrassen can be an excellent pet for you and your family. They are friendly social and very active creatures. But it can take a little bit of knowledge if you want to take care of it correctly. So, if you are thinking about raising a pet rat, this small guide should get you up and on your way.

Putting together a home for your pet rat

Before buying your pet you will need a place that your he or she can call home. Well, for starters, you will need a large cage. It is recommended that pet rats have cages that are 1.5 square feet or better for each pet rat you plan to bring home. Make sure that the cage has a very solid surface as well. Barring should be no more than a half inch as rats can squeeze through very small areas, and it should be powder coated to avoid being corroded over time by rat urine. For bedding, be careful as woodchips such as cedar and pine shavings have been known to sometimes have adverse affects on small animals such as rats. If you use wood shaving only use Aspen shavings. Another good alternative is Carefresh bedding, which is excellent and non-toxic to small animals.

Rats should be kept in a neutral temperature away from extreme heat, cold or drafts. Also, be sure to keep the area around the rat cage clear. Rats will chew on anything they can get their hands on, so please be sure to keep all items bug or small away from the rat’s cage.

Where to get a rat from

Now that you have a place that your rat can truly call home, it is now time to pick a rat for you to take home. But what kind of rat is a good rat? When looking for a good pet rat you should first consider the source. Many people would initially think that a pet shop might be an ideal place for you to buy your pet rat, but this not true. The best place to buy your pet rat is from a rat breeder. Most of these rats have been handled with care by the owner since birth and are tame enough to be made pets. Often the rats that you will get from your local pet store are used for snake food and have been under a lot of stress. They are sometimes unhealthy and can be a waste of money if you invest in it.

Also, it is often good to buy pet rats in pairs, as rats can get very lonely when by themselves. Buy rats in same-sex pairs and NOT different sex pair unless you are planning to breed pet rats. Many times, breeders will not sell you a pet rat unless they know that you own another rat that can be there as a companion.

Bringing your pet rat home

When bringing your pet rat home, be aware that rats are very easily startled. The staple diet for your rat should be lab blocks or homemade grain mix such as “Suebees Diet” or dog food. There are many rat food recipes online. You can also supplement their diet with fresh fruits, veggies, seeds, or cooked beans.

Cleaning up after your pet rat

Cleaning should be done at minimum on a weekly basis and daily spot checks need to be made of our rats cage to ensure that the rats conditions remain healthy and sanitary, I recommend buying a second cage for changing purposes to make things easier for you.

Handling your pet rat

The most important part of having a rat is being able to enjoy it. Spend as much time with your rat as you can, so that it can get used to you being around. When picking up rats, do not hold them by the tail. Hold it in a cup like positions as rats like to jump.

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