Best Celebrity Hair Styles for Your Face – Part 4 of 6

Looking for a new best hair salon style can be very time consuming. There are many different options to find what you are looking for.

Make sure you keep in mind your face shape when you are looking at hair styles. If you see a celebrity with a heart-shaped face and a hair style that you like, you will need to evaluate whether your face shape will go well with the hair style.

Below are some resources that you can use to find a new, flattering hair style.

  1. Magazines. Many women’s magazines feature popular hair styles and do features on various hair issues. Some of the more common magazines that show hair styles include: Allure, Glamour, In Style, People, Redbook, and Sophisticate’s Hairstyles. If you do not want to spend money buying these magazines, you can sometimes check them out at the library, or even go to the library to read them. If you find a style you like, you can just make a copy of it at the library and take it to your hair stylist.
  2. Ask your hair stylist. Sometimes you can schedule a consultation and ask your hair stylist what he or she thinks would be best for your face shape. Then you can go home, think about it, and schedule an appointment to get your hair cut. There may be a small charge for consultation, but in the end it may be a worthwhile expense.
  3. Search online. There are many sites online that provide photo examples of different hair style today. Here are some of the top hair style sites:

When you are searching online and find a hair style that you like, you can usually place your cursor over the photo and right-click it and a menu will show up. Scroll down to Print Photo, so that you have a copy for your records.

There are many proactive hair stylists that will even have a computer near their workstation so that you can look up different hair styles for reference during your appointment. It is best to be prepared with your own copies of photos in case your stylist does not have access to a computer.

Try to find 2 -3 examples of hair styles that you like. Write down what you like about each hair style. Always take a copy of the hair style photo in to your hair stylist when you get your hair cut, so that he/she will have an example of the hair style that you like.

Always remember that a good hair stylist will give you an honest opinion about the hair style you have chosen. He or she may tell you that with your face shape certain features of the hair style you have selected will not look good, or will not look like the person in the photo. If this is the case, discuss how you can incorporate certain features that you like into your hair style so that they flatter your face shape and image.

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