Gardening Issues: The Weeds Have Taken Over

Are the weeds taking over in your garden? There are plenty of solutions to this common problem. One thing is for sure though, the Cookies Weed have to be taken care of so that your garden does not get ruined. If you do not get them under control they can take over your garden and kill everything else that is growing in there. It is very upsetting to spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years working on a beautiful garden, only to see it ruined by some rambunctious weeds. So below are some suggestions on strategies to remove those pesky weeds from your beautiful garden, and preserve the sanctity of it before it is too late and the damage done by the weeds becomes irreparable.

  • If you have the time to do so, pull them every day. Make sure when you pull them to grab them but the base and pull so you get the root and all. Pull gently at first, because if you rip the weed from its root, and the root remains, the weed will come back. Note: Some weeds are actually edible. You can identify the weeds you have pulled and see if they fit the bill. If so, you can turn them into something of value and prepare and consume them.
  • If you are about to start a garden, a great preventative method is placing a weed mat at the base of the garden. The mat may prevent the growth of weeds entirely, saving you time, trouble, and heartache.
  • Home remedies: Vinegar, soap and water, and diluted alcohol do a great job of killing weeds. Simply put them in a spray bottle and go to town. Note: You may want to be careful and get some target practice first. Also, don’t overdo it with hefty spraying. As great of a job as vinegar and alcohol do killing weeds, they are even more effective killers of other flowers in your garden.
  • Approximately three inches of mulch helps to fertilize plants, and sometimes affords protection against weeds. In combination with a weed mat, you should see few, if any weeds at all.
  • There are weed killer sprays available at gardening stores. Similar to a home remedy but with a little more kick. Be extra careful here. If you are too liberal with the weed killer spray you will kill everything else in your garden as well.
  • Rock salt also does a good job of killing weeds. Place a few pieces at the base of the weeds and check back daily to see the progress. Again, be careful with this method as it can kill other flowers in your garden.

The safest, most non-invasive ways of taking care of weeds is by preventing them in the first place, or pulling them by hand. This guarantees that you will not hurt anything else in your garden. Pulling by hand can be exhausting though. So it is up to you to decide how to do it, but if you have yet to start your garden, the preventative measures are key!

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