Gold Coins – Why is Everyone Buying Gold?

It’s not too late to invest in τιμη χρυσου. Gold is up by 24% and is expected to go higher. Today, there are several reasons why you should invest in gold and paying attention to these reasons will help you feel comfortable about your investment. There are a lot of factors involved that are creating gold to skyrocket and these factors make buying gold a very good investment. The savvy investor will heed these economic conditions that make gold an attractive investment. At this time, owning a precious metals portfolio is a good idea. Below are some of the reasons why gold will increase in value and could rise to $2,000.00 an ounce.

Economic Stimulus:

Now, that the government has put trillions of dollars of stimulus money into banks and businesses to ward off a global recession, this excess money in the marketplace will eventually boost up prices for goods and services. This causes inflation and lowers the investors’ confidence in paper money. Therefore, the investor will buy gold to protect their wealth against inflation and, thereby, making gold go higher.

Volatile Stock Market:

In 2008 the stock market turned down dramatically as the global economy went into recession. While the stock market has somewhat recovered, it still remains volatile. Because of this global economic recession, it created new gold investors along with established gold investors, which drained the gold inventory, thereby, driving up the price of gold. Investors will buy gold to preserve their wealth against a volatile stock market. This makes gold go higher.

Downturn in Real Estate:

Real estate was always a great investment until the housing debacle. Homeowners have lost from 18% to 50% of their homes value depending upon where you live. Buying gold will help to protect you from these difficult and trying times. This will make gold go higher.


Because of their huge trade surplus with the United States and Europe, they are buying the United States debt as well as diversifying their resources by investing in gold. Since Chine is now a large gold investor, this is creating a supply shortage. This will make gold go higher.

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