How to Build a Solar Powered Water Heater at Home

Shrinking polar caps are not the only effect of global balkonkraftwerk testsieger. The emission of green house gases, such as carbon dioxide in excessive amounts over the years has put the earth’s ecosystem in danger. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through many sources, but none bigger than burning of wood or fossil fuels.

Before the situation reaches the point of no return, it is best we do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and save the ecosystem. Using solar and wind power to produce electricity and for other purposes augurs well for both, earth’s ecosystem and us.

Solar power is the energy derived from Sun that is converted into electrical or thermal energy. Here are top 5 reasons why you should switch to solar energy:

While agreed, setting up solar panels require a substantial amount of investment, however, in the long run the investment is handsomely paid. Once you install solar panels, you are assured of virtually free power for a minimum of 20 years, and studies show that at best it takes 12-15 years for solar panels to payout themselves.

Solar panels require little or no maintenance – Solar panels are nearly maintenance free. In comparison to conventional energy appliances, solar panels have less moving parts and that is why they require little maintenance. Once you install solar panels, all you would need to do is inspect them once a year

In addition to using the solar energy to produce electricity for your home, you can also use solar energy for other purposes, such as to distill water, to dry crops, and to cook food.

Solar Distilled Water – You can use solar energy to purify water. The solar energy heats the water, and when the water vapor evaporates they condense on the surface of the glass from where they can be collected. You can use solar distilled water for drinking or for other purposes.

Sun-drying – Sun-drying is used for reducing the moisture content of agricultural products, such as beans, chili, corn, dried banana et al.

The procedure is similar to the one used in distilling water. Air is made to flow into a heated tray and when the hot air moves out of the tray from a chimney, it also takes the moisture content with it.

Wind power does not contribute to pollution – Like solar power, wind power too is a natural source of energy, one that does not emit harmful gases. Wind is a renewable source of energy and with modern technology you can efficiently capture wind energy. And that is why, today, wind powered energy technology is extensively used in areas where wind blows at a constant speed.

Wind power reaches where power lines can’t reach – Wind power is ideal for areas where traditional power lines can’t reach. After all, to produce energy from wind all you require is constant wind.

Wind power does not consume any non-renewable sources – Wind power does not consume any sources that are non-renewable, such as natural gas, oil, coal et al. So, wind power not only helps in preserving our already fragile ecosystem, it also helps in delaying the eventual depletion of renewable sources of energy.

Wind power generated from large wind turbines can be used by a large number of people – Another advantage of using wind to derive electricity is that wind can generate power for a large number of people. Today, wind turbines are available in different sizes and by using larger turbines, a community can produce enough electricity to meet their needs. This allows individuals to enjoy electricity produced from wind without personally owning or maintain the wind turbines.

Wind turbines only take a small land – Wind turbines that are used to convert wind energy into electricity only take up a small piece of land. Wind turbines are tall structures, meaning the land below them can be used for other purposes. This is especially the case in rural areas, where the land below wind turbines is used for agriculture purposes.Things to consider while setting up wind turbinesTo produce a constant flow of electricity from wind energy you require wind to blow at a good speed. Ideally, wind turbines should be used where the wind speed is constantly around 7 -10mph or more. Also, studies show that most damage to wind turbines is inflicted by lightening.

This means, wind turbines should be avoided in places where thunderstorms are a common occurrence. Further, some turbines produce greater noise. The amount of noise produced varies from one turbine to another. To minimize sound pollution, invest in wind turbines that produce less noise.All in all, solar power and wind power have numerous advantages and offer inexpensive, self-reliant, pollution-free, and low-maintenance methods of producing electricity. Solar power and wind power can be used together to produce electricity and for other purposes. By using the natural sources of energy, you keep your electricity expenditures down, while doing your bit to save the environment.

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