How to Remove Microsoft Office 2003 Suites From Your PC Completely?

With the increasing number of people using Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise and WPS Office 2012, you may think that your Microsoft Office 2003 is out of fashion, and the version of Microsoft Office is not as useful as that of the new version. So you want to use Microsoft Office 2007 or WPS Office 2012. However, before you install the new office softwares, you need to remove the original ones from your computer, because the unnecessary office softwares take up a lot of memory space, which can increase the usage of your CPU. However, do you know how to remove them completely?

Generally, Microsoft Office 2003 in fact are the suites with several office softwares, namely, Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Powerpoint ( or PPT) 2003 and Microsoft Access 2003 and others. Each of them plays different roles in your computer, they help you do the different things, and they are not associated with one another. So when you remove these office softwares from your PC, you may uninstall them one by one. Here I will suggest you some methods of removing them.

Method one: Remove manually.

One point you need to pay attention to is that you should make clear of what kind of system you use in your computer, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Vista? There exists difference between them,at least the options of three systems are distinct from one another, so is the same case with the method of uninstalling file or program.

However, this method seems a bit complicated, because it takes some time to find or search the file or folder of the softwares you want to delete. If you are a beginner for computer, sometimes you may delete some files or click the options by mistake or fail to remove them completely. So it is not recommended to the beginner to use this method. How can a beginner uninstall the office softwares completely? Don’t panic! Here I will tell you a simple method that can help you remove these office softwares completely.

Method two: Use the uninstalling tool.

It is advisable to use the Perfect Uninstaller. You can search on the Internet to download a high-reputed Perfect Uninstaller, and store it onto your computer, then run the setup program to install it. After that, you can click “Start” to run it, and see a number of softwares, click on the icon of “Microsoft Office 2003”, then “Uninstall”. At this time, there pups up a dialog box, asking “Are you sure whether you uninstall Microsoft Office 2003”, select “Yes”, the Perfect Uninstaller removes it in a few seconds. After that, the Perfect Uninstaller will help you scan your registry for the leftover entries as well as diver for leftover files. Now the unwanted office softwares have vanished from your computer! This method is simple and effective, and the Perfect Uninstaller is a very good tool to protect your computer.

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