Insulation R Value and Why It’s Important

When it comes to dfw attic insulation, most homeowners are woefully short on knowledge. The reason for this is that most people acquire homes from builders where installation of insulation is already done. This means that unless you have built a home from ground yourself, you are unlikely to know anything about insulation for homes. However, insulation in homes plays a huge role in a variety of things ranging from how much money that homeowner spends on utilities and how comfortable he feels in his home. Effectively, if you ever need insulation replacement then you would have to educate yourself very quickly on various things such as the insulation R value.

What Is R Value?

It is highly likely that you are wondering what R value is in context of insulation. Insulation R value is basically the rate per unit of area over one unit of time at which the heat is transferred by the insulation. In simpler words, the R value of your insulation will determine the speed with which it allows heat to pass through it.

It is important to note one key fact which is that most builders, in a bid to make greater profits, often cut corners by installing insulation with lower R values. Insulation R value is determined through a complex mathematical formula which is better left to the experts. However, there are other ways of figuring out insulation R value.

Finding out R Value of Installed Insulation

If you are planning to have fresh insulation installed in your home then you can simply ask the service provider, contractor, or builder about the insulation R value and what you are getting. However, if you are interested in finding the insulation R value in the home that you are already living in, then you would have to follow a process.

You would have to find clear view of the insulation material. It is recommended that you go to the attic for this because insulation is accessible there. You simply have to look for the label that the insulation came with and find the insulation R value clearly specified there.

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