Plastic Surgeon PR | So, You Want To Be Famous?

Do you ever wonder how or why you saw your colleague on The Doctors or in Vogue Magazine? He seems to be everywhere, touting himself as the expert. lip tattoo perth? How does he do that? How does he get to be portrayed as the expert and not you? That is because he invests in Plastic

Plastic Surgeon PR is a great vehicle to set you apart from your competitors and help convince the public that you are the market leader in your industry. That gives you instant credibility that builds trust with prospective cosmetic patients, so it’s an important branding tool.

Since traditional advertising is not working like it used to because the public is weary of being bombarded with promotion, PR overcomes the skepticism that viewers have for paid promotion, and it’s free! Or is it?

Savvy plastic surgeons are making it happen by turning to media professionals for help in getting the exposure they crave or doing it themselves. This can run from $2,000- to $20,000+ per month to have a PR agency use their media contacts to get you exposure on popular media channels.

It’s their connections you are paying for since they can make a call to the right people, and you can’t. It’s often a long-term contractual agreement with no guarantees, so choose carefully.

Get involved with well-known hospitals, charities, and medical associations so you can piggyback off of their PR department efforts. Get to know their PR people and pitch their story ideas. They are always looking for content, so help them out, and they’ll help you out with free media coverage.

Use your own platforms (blog, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to comment on what’s trending online. Visit sites like “What’s Trending“ or “Reddit” to discover hot topics.

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