Promote Your Business On Television & Radio

How would you like to not only promote your business
on television and radio,Promote Your Business On Television & Radio Articles but also become a local,
regional, or even national celebrity at the same time?Think it can’t be done? Think again. I will show youexactly how to do just, as I have done quite a
number of television interviews, and far too many
radio interviews to count.

Now, no matter what you do, promote, or sell, there
is probably a television or radio program that will
interview you for it.

However, most people tend to think that television
and radio are only for established celebrities, or
that they must find an “inside” connection, or must
spend exorbitant amounts of money on a professional
publicity firm in order to crack these media.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth, as I am
living proof of it. I suppose I have always been a bit
of a media ham/hound, take your pick of the terms,
for I have been doing television and radio interviews
for almost ten years. And, it is a very simple process,
and one that I thoroughly enjoy.

Following, is a layout of the steps for you to begin
approaching this invaluable level of media for
bringing dramatically more attention to your venture(s).

  • One point of note that should be stressed, is that
    you will experience greater results and success IF
    you can put a “news” or “public benefit” spin on what
    you have to offer, and not simply convey that your
    sole intent is to “sell” a product or service.

You should also consider incorporating special
discounts or even “freebie” offers for viewers and
listeners to further entice prospects to your offer.
So, let’s begin with the “how to” process.


  1. Pick up you local television guide, or even better,
    search online, and carefully review any locally or
    regionally produced programs such as morning
    shows or news programs. You want to list each of
    these down on paper.
  2. Next, get the station telephone numbers, call them
    up, and inquire the name of each show’s producer,
    and/or the news director for newscasts. You will
    probably find there is more than one newscast, with
    each newscast hour having a different director. The
    more, the merrier.

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