Relx Pods Casts- Powerful Marketing Media

Before the widespread use of the internet for marketing, radio and TV broadcasting ruled the ,roost, of mass media advertising. The internet came along and businessmen then grappled for supremacy online. This time, a synergy of internet technologies and traditional radio broadcasting concepts has led to an even more powerful marketing tool: Relx Pods casts.

The term ,pod cast, or , pod cast, was culled from a combination of two words: i pod: the leading portable music player manufactured and distributed by Apple and ,broadcast,. These two words indicate the nature of pod casts. To put it simply, pod casts refer to content that is broadcast to portable devices like i pods (though desktop or laptop computers can be used instead).

There are four main elements to a pod casting network. There must be content (usually audio content although there are now pod casts with pictures and videos), a fixed web address from which the audio content will be posted, a program that will enable the hand held device to receive and ,read, pod casts, and internet connection for the portable device.

Pod casting is an amazing way to bring audio content to users. Just like radio broadcasting, pod cast subscribers can listen to audio content wherever they are. Unlike radio broadcasting, though, end users can select the content they wish to hear. They can also choose the time when they wish to listen to the new pod cast episodes that their hand held devices are showing to be recently available. Even more importantly, though, pod casting can now be used very effectively for marketing purposes.

Pod casts can be used to ,drive home, your marketing message to your target consumers. You no longer have to wait for your target consumers to log on to their email or to visit your website. Now, wherever your target consumers are, they can immediately be made aware of any news, updates or special promotions. This will radically increase response rates as well as timeliness of responses.

For a successful pod casting campaign though, you must make your feed easy to find. Optimize the site where your feed is housed so that people looking for pod casting content can easily locate you through search engine queries. Use Pay-per-Click advertising for the same purpose. Build your network though social networking, blogging and forum posting. Use video blogging, too. You also need to entice your target consumers to be your feed subscribers. You can do this by offering them incentives just for signing up. Moreover, you can also randomly give away freebies through the pod casts so your subscribers will regularly look out for and listen to your new content.

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