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RU 58841 is an anti-androgen research chemical that promotes hair growth. It works by blocking DHT from binding to androgen receptors in the scalp. It was originally synthesized by Prostraken to combat prostate cancer, but it has also proven useful for treating androgenic alopecia and hirsutism.

RU 58841 is available in both pre-made solutions and raw powder form. The powder is stable and can be stored in a freezer. However, it should be kept away from heat and sunlight because it degrades quickly.

Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse is Australia’s cheapest online pharmacy and offers prescription medicines. It also sells over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements. It has weekly online catalogues that show the products on sale and a click and collect service. It also has a mobile app with coupons and other special offers.

Chemyo’s RU-58841 is available in both powder and transdermal solution form. It is also 3rd party tested for utmost purity. However, the brand hasn’t been able to achieve as much traction as its competitors. GNC, for example, lists RU-58841 but has struggled to sell it well.

The company was founded by Mr. Damien Gance, who is the former CEO of Le Tan. He has helped the business to grow in a difficult business environment. Australian rules limit the number of pharmacies a single company can own, but the company has manoeuvred around these restrictions. They have even been dubbed “the Bunnings of pharmacies”. The use of the word warehouse in their name is intended to give customers the impression that they are getting cheap products.


Priceline has a reputation for supplying quality products at a good price. It also offers a great range of supplements and medications. The company was founded in Australia and operates worldwide. However, recently, customers have been complaining of poor customer support and overpriced products. Moreover, they have been shifting their attention to the official websites of manufacturers.

Ru58841 for sale here, or PSK3841, is an experimental drug that has been shown to treat androgenetic alopecia. It works by binding to receptors and promoting a process that causes hair follicles to miniaturize. Currently, it is available in a pre-made solution and raw powder form. The former is a convenient option for those who want to keep it away from heat and sunlight, which can degrade the product. The latter, on the other hand, allows you to control the concentration of the medication. Both options are 3rd party tested for utmost purity. Note, however, that this product is strictly for laboratory research and not intended for any medical or veterinary use.


Ru58841 for sale in europeis a topical anti-androgen that can inhibit androgen receptors and prevent baldness. It has also been found to treat acne and thinning hair. Its benefits extend to other areas of the body as well, including erectile dysfunction. This product is a great alternative to finasteride, which is an expensive drug.

GNC is a common term for gender non-conforming people, sometimes called transgender or gender expansive. It is an internal understanding of one’s gender and doesn’t necessarily correlate with the societal perception of a man or woman.

While GNC may be a good choice for some, its customer service and shipping speed are both inconsistent. The company’s website also doesn’t offer a full refund policy, but the site does allow customers to make returns within 30 days of purchase. Please be sure to read the company’s terms and conditions before purchasing any products. Also, be aware that shipping can take up to 30 days after the item leaves the warehouse.


Ru-58841 works by blocking DHT from binding with the androgen receptors in hair follicles. When applied topically, it has helped people of all ages grow fuller, thicker hairs that are healthy and dense. It also inhibits the growth of sebaceous glands, which can cause acne and hirsutism.

Currently, the only place to buy RU-58841 is through Chemyo’s website. This company offers high-quality RU-58841 that is 99% pure. This product is available in powder and transdermal solution form. It is also 3rd party tested for utmost purity. Previously, Walmart was the main location to purchase RU-58841. But since the COVID lockdown, many people have ditched this retailer and shifted their buying habits to the official websites of manufacturers. This has helped them avoid the hassle of dealing with shady retailers and their sluggish customer support services.

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