Sewing Machine Repairs You Can Do At Home

Owning a busbar machine gives you the freedom to alter, repair and design clothes in the comfort of your own home. However, especially when you are working as a seamstress you need to be prepared for the eventuality of your machine breaking, and this you can do by learning some basic sewing machine repairs you can carry out at home.

Although your machine will most certainly have been sold with a guarantee, it may not always be practical to send your machine away for repair or to find your nearest service point for your particular model. It is also the case that many repairs to your machine are minor and they can be carried out at home with just a little know how.

Basic maintenance can resolve the vast majority of problems you may be facing with your appliance and even loud noises or seizure can often be fixed a simple sewing machine repair. Most especially when you have a great quality model, your machine will be heavy, and sending it away for repair will be very impractical. Before you pack up your machine ready to send it away there are several machine repairs you can try at home.

Unclogging your machine

Simple sewing machine repairs you can carry out at home include cleaning out clogged up fibers. Continued use of your machine will lead to the accumulation of lint, and depending on the type and quality of thread that you are using, your appliance may become clogged in a matter of hours.

Thread can also collect around the bobbin and chamber and thread can be pulled free from both areas with tweezers, a hand held vacuum of with a special brush for the lint build up. It is also very important that you unclog your machine of debris and build up before you lubricate it. Correct oiling of your sewing machine is essential for its correct functioning, but you need only the tiniest amount of specialist machine oil and you always need to make sure that you clean your machine first thoroughly.

Tightening up the screws of your machine

Easy sewing machine repairs that you can carry out at home also include tightening up any visible screws and bolts. Screws in any moving machinery will work loose over time, and this can cause your appliance to rattle unnecessarily. Do not however over tighten the screws of your machine; just until you feel them grip with a little resistance.

Allow your machine to cool

Another tip for sewing machine repairs that you can carry out at home is simply to not overwork your machine. Constant use with heavy materials can cause an overheating of you appliance, especially if it has not been correctly oiled or had fibers caught in the bobbin. If you smell burning or if your appliance feels unusually warm, then unplug it or simply leave it to cool down for a while.

By following this simple instruction you can prolong the life of your machine by quite some time. These simple preventative measures and sewing machine repairs you can carry out at home will mean that you avoid trips to the repair shop, and more importantly, vital time without your machine.

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