Spring Is a Good Time to Install Smoke/CO/Water/Freeze Sensors

With the changing seasons here in the Midwest, alarm system quotes face constant challenges to keep their home’s systems in good working order. Spring is one of the times where environmental alarm sensors become most needed. With the melting snow, fluctuating temperatures, and heavy rains, a lot is changing from week to week.

Environmental sensors and common threats

Smoke/CO/Water/Freeze sensors work in conjunction with existing alarm panels. They are add-ons that detect and provide alerts for harmful conditions within your home. These notifications can indicate flooding, extreme temperatures, fire, or the presence of life-threatening Carbon Monoxide (CO). It is vital to know when a problem may occur before it becomes catastrophic.

For example, many homes may have an issue with rainwater leaking into a basement after a major storm. Other problems include a leaky toilet or washing machine connection. These are events that homeowners need to know about right away. Likewise, if a frozen pipe cracks during the thawing process, identifying the damage sooner than later can make all the difference. Water detection devices can detect minimal amounts of moisture, giving you plenty of time to take action.

ADS ProSeries Flood Detection

ADS ProSeries Water Detection

Timely alerts and professional monitoring

Smoke/Freeze sensors coupled with intelligent home security keep you in the know of furnace flair-ups or heating drops due to power loss. If you are not at home when these things occur, the ADS smartphone app can keep you informed wherever you go. Timely alerts can save your belongings from ruin or repairs, costing thousands of dollars.

When it comes to ADS and fire alarm monitoring service, customers can rest easy knowing highly-skilled operators will respond to emergencies. The moment your alarm sounds, our award-winning monitoring center in Aurora, IL., is notified and prepared.

About Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

The expert staff at Alarm Detection Systems can also help create a threat mitigation plan for your alarm system. They can explain the latest technology and which environmental devices are compatible with your system. ADS has been assisting homeowners for years. Having local insight is one of the key benefits of working with us.

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