The 2020 Election: Progressive, Versus Pragmatic Idealism?

In these times, when the level of pragmatic88, in American politics, is, probably, at its highest, recent polls indicate, approximately 35% of the voters, are strong supporters of President Trump (and, will, most probably, vote for him in the next election), and approximately 40% have indicated, they will almost certainly vote against him. This leaves, somewhere around 25 to 30% of the electorate, who will most likely, determine, who is elected, in 2020. Many opponents of Mr. Trump, seem to believe, they will defeat him, in the next election, but, the reality, probably is, that election will be one of the most closely contested ones, in years. Remember, in 2016, when Trump defeated Clinton, she won the popular vote, while he won the Electoral College, and thus, the election. In that contest, the margin of victory in several, so – called, swing – states, was extremely small. Therefore, if Democrats hope to regain control of the White House, they will need, to provide the American public, with a compelling reason, rather than merely, going, negative, against this President. So far, over 20 individuals, have announced, they will be running in the Democratic primaries, and, they run, on the political spectrum, from being moderates, to, far more liberal/ progressive. Should this be, merely, about finding a winning candidate, or, one, who might be ready, willing, and able, to make a difference, for the better, for the nation, and the citizens? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, whether we need, idealistic progressives, or pragmatic idealism?

1. Opposing President Trump: Although, opposing the rhetoric, ethics, and agenda, of President Trump, may mobilize some, shouldn’t there be, a goal – oriented, focused, solutions – based, candidate, to serve the needs of our nation?

2. How far left? How far, left, on the political spectrum, should the Democratic candidate, be? Candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, are, perhaps, the furthest, in that direction. However, wouldn’t the moderates (both, Democrats, and Republicans), perhaps, be frightened – off, by the expected, appeal to fears, which, no doubt, would be articulated, by the incumbents, and his strongest supporters? Also, isn’t it, merely, empty rhetoric, on the left, to articulate a strong, progressive message, which has little, to no, probably, of being enacted?

3. Winning, and making a difference, versus, pie – in – the – sky: Which is more important, to win, and make a difference, and preserve certain principles and ideals, or, demanding, a more progressive, but, unachievable, agenda? The reality is, only when we proceed, with progressive idealism, will we be able to, truly, move, in a direction, focused, on the common good!

4. Who might win, and why?: We should never vote for a candidate, solely, because, he might have a better chance, of regaining the Presidency, but, it should be a realistic consideration! Many believe, in 2016, one of the key reasons, Clinton, was defeated, was, the unwillingness of some Sanders’ supporters, to vote, for her, in the general election. Will these voters, again, be spoilers, if Bernie, doesn’t gain the nomination? Which potential standard – bearer, might, attract, those who consider themselves, progressives, while being acceptable, to the moderates, and disenchanted Republicans?

5. Who might be easiest for Trump to oppose?: Whether one supports, or opposes, Donald Trump, all should admit, and recognize, he is a clever candidate, who knows, how to appeal, inspire and motivate, his core supporters! The campaign against Sanders, will be, repeatedly, calling him, Crazy Bernie, and a socialist (whatever that means), and, he will continue calling Elizabeth Warren, Pocohontas, etc. Biden has sought the office, several times, and although, he is currently the front – runner, his record of running, has been less than stellar! He is probably the least likely, to attract, Sanders’ supporters, but might have the most appeal to moderates.

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