The Importance of Values-Based Education

Education plays and important role in our life. It greatly helps in the growth of an individuals mind, character and physical ability. It is basically the process of forwarding knowledge, skills, and values from one person to another. Every a course in miracles amazon books institution has teachers who educate the students in various subjects. This process is also known as schooling. Here they generate their reading and writing skills. Some of important subjects studied as school level include English, mathematics, science, computers and history. After schooling a student goes for higher learning by joining a university. There are other fields where they can also acquire specific vocational skills.

These days’ classrooms have gone high tech. They contain projectors, tablets, large monitor screens, mp3 players, laptops, etc. Teachers and professors of various schools and colleges are using these technological devices in order to make education more interactive and fun. This definitely helps in enhancing students learning abilities. Education is a way by which people learn and learning through these high tech gadgets is always fun.

A teacher or tutor gives instructions to his students which helps them to learn. They help them to polish their skills and talent. Preschool is the primary education in which a child of 5 to 6 years of age starts to go to school. Age of child may vary depending upon the country in which he/she resides. Here they are provided with structured education. Secondary education starts from 11 to 12 years of age. It mainly comprises of formal education. Then comes post secondary education or graduation level. It’s a non compulsory educational level which starts after the completion of a school. Preschool and secondary education provides them essential reading / writing skills and knowledge required for professional level courses. Graduation helps them to become better human beings and add up a professional touch to their skills.

Graduation is considered to be a happiest time in student’s life as they have the freedom to do anything. This period of life moves so fast that when graduation day comes the students feel a bit sad. It is also a day of great excitement as your educational goals have been achieved. This is the day when a graduate enjoys himself to the fullest.

While leaving the college every student is filled with mixed emotions. They feel happy because of accomplishment in achieving their goals and entering into a new life. During this period they make lots of friends. The thought of leaving these friends and college makes them sad. Excitement always remains of what tomorrow holds and sometimes this too make them sad. After getting the degree everyone moves back to their cities in order to make a successful career. They leave behind everything and start their new life. The essential support & encouragement from family and friends is an important aspect of graduation. Just realize – “What we have left behind and what lies before us are tiny matters as compared to what lies within us.”

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