What Is the Best Method for Cleaning Your Carpet?

Unless your home is constructed completely of bare flooring, it is inevitable that one day your carpets or rugs will need to be cleaned. From rambunctious children to messy pets to guests who just refuse to wipe their feet before entering, large carpet cleaning St. Catharines take a lot of abuse. But what are the different methods of carpet cleaning? And exactly which method is right for you?

The concept of carpet shampooing is often misunderstood. In general, the method is not meant to dredge the carpet in water and suds, creating a wet, soggy mess. Instead the goal of the shampoo method is to create a lot of foam in the carpet. Also known as the dry foam method, carpet shampooing utilizes the power of foam to remove dirt and grime from your carpet. After applying the shampoo or foam product to your carpets, you must allow it to dry and then vacuum up the remaining residue. Carpet shampoos attract the soil and dirt in the carpet which is then pulled from the carpet during the vacuuming process. This method can be quite effective at getting the dirt out and it not as messy as many would think.

A good carpet shampoo generates a lot of foam and is long-lasting. Because strong agitation is required to produce the foam, a good shampoo must have lubricating properties. This will lessen carpet tangles and the possibility of damage. Though this method of carpet cleaning was once very popular, it fell out of favor several years ago due to issues with re-soiling. Remember, the goal of a good carpet shampoo or dry foam is to attract dirt to it. This means any residue left behind will, therefore, continue to do just that. Many found that the clean left behind by using this method did not last and that dirt seemed to reappear at an increased rate.

Another controversy which surrounds this method of carpet cleaning is the addition of optical brighteners in many of the products. These “brighteners” are actually a special dye added to the shampoo formula and only give the illusion that the carpet is cleaner. The effect is temporary and over time these dyes can actually permanently yellow the carpet.

As the name suggests, the dry powder method relies on dry powder. This is usually a substance such as powdered corncobs mixed with a cleaning agent. This powder is spread evenly over the carpet and then scrubbed into the carpet with a machine. Much like the shampoo/foam method, this powder attracts dirt, allowing the dirty powder to be vacuumed up later. When done correctly, this method of carpet cleaning works just fine. After applying, you must work the dry powder into the carpet with a counter rotating brush machine or a floor machine with a special swinging brush. After cleaning, the carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed and pile lifted to remove the powder.

The dry powder method has the advantage of having virtually no downtime. This means the carpet is dry and ready for use immediately following the cleaning. This method is great for businesses that are open 24 hours 7 days per week. The dry powder method is also a great for absorbing spots as needed. This method is not for heavy-duty cleaning and if not done properly it can leave a buildup of product on your carpet.

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