Concrete Mixer Hire – Factors You Must Consider in Hiring Concrete Mixer

The most satisfying part of your building process is when the foundation of the house structure is poured out. At this stage, the flow is dug well with the correct measurements of length, width and depth. This provides accurate dimensions of your measured foundation trenches that prepare the way for easy pour in of tile installer. However, the right consistency of mixing the concrete is very essential for a strong foundation establishment.

Five things to know about concrete mixer hire

In the most common way, concrete mixing can be performed by hand, except for modern builders who are likely to save labor and time, they use a concrete mixer hire for the days work. The following include five key things that you should know about the concrete mixture hire, how to pour and mix your own concrete properly, and various safety precautions taken into account when using it.

1. Ensure that there is right water mix
Adding too of water is one major mistake that one should avoid when beginning the process of concrete mixing. Using small measures, water is added gradually in order to avoid soupy thin mixture which may not have enough strength on the foundation that you are working on. Otherwise, you can only add more water if the concrete solution is still excessively dry even after mixing it thoroughly. It is also very important to keep some dry concrete aside, such that if any case you want the mix to be thickened, you will add it to meet your desired concrete mix.

2. Perform a Slump Test
When using the concrete mixer hire, you are required to test the consistency and strength of your mix before pouring. The Slump Test is a better standard way of performing this test. Other than giving you the most suitable bench mark, the test also ensures that the mix is of high quality. A Wikipedia search shows you how The Slump is done with each every step given out clearly.

3. Make sure that you have enough additional tools
The concrete mixer hire, at this place, is one part of rising equation. One sturdy wheelbarrow is at least needed that time of pouring out the concrete comes. Planks for wheeling the mixer are also necessary since the surrounding ground is often uneven and soft. Rakes, brooms and concrete floats may be essential for ensuring an even surface and finishing the concrete.

4. Think properly about your health and safety
Due to the concrete effect to some of your delicate body parts, when handling concrete, you must take into account the various precautions in order to prevent the mix contacting you skin or eye. Wearing protective goggles and gloves is the most efficient way of avoiding this. This is because the elements in the cement are very caustic and at many times it will burn you seriously if not cleared off quickly from your body.

5. Clean up yourself after you have finished with the concrete mixer hire
Immediately you are through with the concrete mixer hire, as it may apply to any concrete job, ensure that all the tools and equipments are kept clean with the hose being on the hand. The surfaces must also be washed before they harden. If you ignore this step of cleaning your tools, then you may end up throwing away some valuable equipment since the stacked concrete affects their functionality.

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