Learn the Options Available In Decorative Concretes

Often, it is observed that people pay a lot of attention to the interior decor of the home. However, in their exuberance to achieve perfection, they overlook a crucial part of the home – the exterior. Beauty of any home is measured from the exterior and hence, it pays to invest your valuable time and effort in attaining distinctly appealing exteriors. Decorative fake grass alabama is the time-tested way to transform and enhance look of your house, office, garage and patio. Popularity of decorative concrete flooring has grown to unprecedented levels, mainly down to their beauty, durability and cost-effectiveness. There are tremendous varieties of stamped concrete overlays available that offers unique pre-formed shapes, designs and patterns. Listed in this article are detailed descriptions on decorative concrete options available, for your better understanding.

Designs available in concrete stencil vary from simple designs to eccentric motifs that can radically change the look of any exterior. Series of pigments, stains, sealers and dyes are used in designing decorative concrete finishes. The most common choice available in decorative concrete is stained concrete. It is one of the easiest, simple and well-known techniques available in decorative concrete, ideally suited for interior applications. In this method, the concrete floor is stained with a combination of colors by utilizing acid-based chemicals.

Be it concrete floor or any other substrates, a brilliant piece of artwork can be created with the only restriction being your imagination. The quality of the outcome produced from this method is solely restricted to the creativity of the artisan. The acid chemicals used in staining the concrete are highly concentrated in nature and tend to soak through the deep pores of the floor, permanently staining the concrete.

Stamped concrete is another prime option available in concrete floors. The method literally involves pressing or stamping a pattern or texture on freshly laid concrete before it completely dries up. A spectacular array of impressions and designs can be created using this method only in fraction of their original prices including cracked slate, yorkstone, cobblestone, fractured earth and more. While most of the concrete designing can be done on, your own, for stamped concrete designing assistance of a professional is imperative.

Scored concrete is an exceptional way to give both, existing and newly laid floors, an interesting twist. Scored concrete designs are created by cutting shallow cuts into the concrete. In this method, a saw is used to create different geometrical designs. Scoring is often used in conjunction with stained and stamped concrete for that distinctly appealing look. Scoring is an ideal way to add a decorative touch to old and worn floors without having to tear out the entire slab.

Stenciled concrete is best suited for people looking to give a distinctly appealing and elegant look to their floor. In this process, high quality disposable stencils are used to create different decorative textures and effects. Stencil concrete is very much similar to stamped concrete only difference being, under this process disposable paper stencil are used to create designs rather than standard rubber mats. Stenciled concrete is mostly found in pool decks, patios, courtyards and footpaths.

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