If You’re Just Using Your Floor Machine To Clean Floors You’re Losing Money!

In the past few years aftermarket floor equipment Stamped concrete Indoors have come out with some revolutionary attachments that can easily be fitted to most floor machines which can help you make extra money and expand into other areas above and beyond regular janitorial services. Not only can a floor machine clean and scrub, it can create a new look to any floor and even create a work of art.

The most prevalent thing I’ve noticed is that people are still using old cleaning techniques and traditional cleaning methods and spending more money than needed on both labor and equipment. If you’re cleaning a floor a using a floor pad, think again. The floor machine brush market has come a long way in the past 10 years and is now outgrowing the floor pad industry. If you’re still using floor pads you might as well just be throwing money out the window. An average box of floor pads can cost anywhere between twenty and forty dollars and have to be discarded after use making this a non-green solution for cleaning floors. New Rotary floor machine brushes last on average up to two years and in turn will do a much better job cleaning a floor for a menial cost of about $100-$200. There are many types of Rotary brushes all made specifically for certain floor cleaning tasks. Floor machine brush companies have modeled their brushes after floor pads to clean more effectively, efficiently and in the end saving the average janitorial company a great deal of money. Common types of floor machine brushes include polypropylene brushes, nylon brushes, grit impregnated brushes all of which are used for general cleaning of many types of flooring. It has become common practice for these companies to coordinate the color of the brush to the old style floor pads for easy selection when cleaning a floor and easy transition to using these new floor machine brushes. So if you are cleaning floors, think again and take a look what’s out there, because utilizing a rotary brush system will save you time and money.

The most unique example of what you can do with a floor machine is grinding down regular concrete to make it look like marble. This technique can easily be applied to living areas, basements, garages and even commercial applications such as retail buildings or warehousing facilities. This is accomplished by either using a diamond fleck floor pad or a carbide surface prep tool which will easily attach to many different brands of floor machines. The process begins by grinding down the concrete so that it is smooth in texture and almost glistening to the eye. After this is accomplished a dye can be applied to the floor to give it color. It has become common practice to tape off the floor to create shapes and patterns and then apply a mixture of acetone and dye to give the concrete a unique look. After the color is applied to the concrete a urethane coating is then sprayed on, to protect the floor giving it a marbleized look. This is the newest trend in the janitorial industry and on a cost basis is a lot less expensive than installing marble or terrazzo tile. Even the average homeowner can easily afford to have this done, making this a very fresh and open market.

Another great way to make money using your floor machine is mastic removal. Mastic is basically a glue that is used to adhere carpet to any substrate. Removing mastic can be a tedious job that nobody likes to do, but with the right equipment and chemicals this can easily be achieved. Floor brush companies have come out with some ingenious add-ons such as mastic removal tools with diamond coated blades too quickly and easily remove this glue. When these are used in conjunction with chemicals such as orange based delimening products, which is a chemical made from orange peels, it quickly melts the glue and makes the stripping process even easier.

Not many people realize that a floor machine is a great tool for cleaning carpets. With a Rotary brush or bonnet system you can agitate the carpet fibers to get deep down and remove dirt and debris a regular carpet extractor could not achieve on its own. When using this method in conjunction with a carpet extractor even the toughest stains can be brought out of carpets bringing them back to their original condition. These add-on’s are inexpensive and I must have for any carpet cleaner competing in today’s tough market.

When people think about floor machines they very rarely think about wood floors. These units can easily be converted into a floor sander to turn an old oak floor that was hidden under carpet for 20 years into a pure masterpiece. Sanding drivers can be used in conjunction with either circular sanding discs or sand screens. Another method of prepping a hardwood floor that has a glue or debris on it is to use a hardwood prep tool which is similar to a concrete prep tool except not as evasive. After the floor is sanded and smooth you can apply a finish and use either a water or oil based urethane to protect the floor giving it a gym like finish and look.

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