Lab Coat: The Best Protection Its Wearers Could Ever Hope to Get

Lab coat is the abbreviation for Stamped Epoxy Floors College Station coat, a protective garment worn by medical professionals, chemists or by those working in the laboratory. This coat is designed to protect the wearer from direct exposure to hazardous chemicals as well as infectious materials. If a dangerous or infectious chemical splashes on this coat, the skin of the wearer is mostly protected by the coat itself. This is the reason why this coat is made from tightly-woven cotton, cotton and polyester blends or disposable paper cloth. The tight weave construction protects the wearer from these dangerous chemicals. The advantage of 100% cotton coat is that it is more durable and is easily launderable. However, most non-disposable coats hardly ever lasts more than a year with regular use. A coat made from disposable paper cloths, meanwhile, can be disposed of immediately. Coats such as this are usually made of lightweight materials and are mostly biodegradable, and less expensive than the other kind. A severely stained or torn coat is considered dangerous and should be replaced by its wearer immediately. If the coat is saturated with chemicals, it should also be removed immediately. A coat such as this should never be washed at home or in a washing machine. There are specialists in hazardous waste who know how to properly clean this kind of coat.

A lab coat that is flame retardant is important for those working in industry and lab settings as well as in the medical community. The fireproof element is important to protect the wearer from fire. While there are coats that are not designed to be fireproof, coats such as these can be quickly removed to isolate the flames. And, like any other safety equipment, coats such as this must be properly worn in order to be effective. Every button must be used and every snap utilized in order to give the wearer maximum protection.

A lab coat also serves as a status symbol. It presents a professional appearance and signifies long years of training and experience in medicine, scientific research and health. The color white is the traditional color of a coat. However, coats such as this have come in a number of styles and colors for the 21st century. For example, coats worn by medical professionals are often white or pastel while industrials versions are usually darker in color. They also come in a variety of lengths as well as sleeve lengths. There are coats nowadays which have full, three-fourths and one-half sleeve lengths while there are also those that are knee length.

The function of a lab coat is not limited to aesthetics alone. It also serves many purposes, and the purpose of protecting the wearer from chemical hazards is probably the best purpose it has. By wearing a coat such as this, doctors, scientists and other professionals get the protection they need as well as the respect this garment suggests. Ultimately, the wearers themselves should know that in their profession, this garment is probably the best protection they could ever hope to get.

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